Discourse in Magic is pausing this week to give way for the voices that need to be heard. Jonah would like to help amplify these voices by handing over the mic to black magicians who have a message for magicians. We want to help educate. To help grow. To help make magic a more inclusive environment.

If you are a black magician and would like the Discourse in Magic audience to hear what you have to say, write or send a voice message to the podcast at: discourse@discourseinmagic.com.

We ask that you take a moment, in lieu of this episode, to think about how you can contribute. Reflect on your actions. Have difficult conversations. Ask questions. Seek to understand. Be open to hearing other people’s experiences, and be willing to change your understanding of the world.

The magic community shouldn’t continue to fall behind in the conversation.

If you don’t know where to start, I suggest checking out Ran’D Shines episode where he speaks passionately about inclusion. 

Felice Ling also released a fantastic article that examines the damage of Asian stereotypes in the magic community. 

Wherever you are on your magic journey, we're here for you

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