To get us back into the swings of things, Alex Boyer joins Jonah to discuss visual magic, following your interests and becoming a successful content creator. Alex Boyer is an Ottawa based magician with 26.6k subscribers and 635k+ views on YouTube.

Create, Create, Create

The only way you’ll start to post is when you start to post. 

When he was first starting out, Alex aimed to post multiple videos each week just to get into the habit of posting. Creating that much content was overwhelming, but the work and results fueled him. As he continued to post more to YouTube, he learned how to streamline aspects of the process to make everything simpler. Alongside just having the content out there to establish himself online, Alex also managed to find and refine his style. 

Quality vs. Quantity

Alex has shifted away from constantly posting to occasionally posting; his focus has been on creating high production value magic videos that he can release every few weeks. These videos feature original magic, snappy editing and killer visuals.  With each video, Alex is aiming to deliver a high production value magic experience.

Creating Visual Magic 

When Alex sits down to work out his videos, his thoughts are on what will look best on camera. What can he make float? What object will be visual on camera? If you want an example, look no further than his floating ribbon spread video. 

With that in mind, he reminds the audience that they need to determine what their style is. Be true to yourself and start exploring the ideas that interest you; you’ll find your audience.

Wrap Up

Endless Chain 

Chris Ramsay 

What do you like about modern magic?

Alex likes that there are so many great magicians and magic tricks that we get to see because of the internet. He also enjoys seeing the innovation of upcoming performers. 

He isn’t a fan of the oversaturation of people doing magic just for the clicks; he believes that if you’re going to do magic online, you should put the effort into the effects.

Take Home Point

Step out of your comfort zone.


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