We’re have a really special guest this week. He runs Ellusionist and made waves with his viral performance on Fool Us. Adam Wilber also produced the best selling trick pyro and we’re really excited to have him in the show. Wilber was six years old when he stole a prop from a friend for a trick. He mastered that trick, fooled his dad and never looked back.  Adam studied education in college and thought he was going to become a PE teacher.  He started supplementing his income as a walk-around magician but it took another decade before he managed to make a living at it.

In his 30’s Adam decided to work with Ellusionist as a way to get a steady paycheck. He worked relentlessly with the company – up to 80 hours a week and was eventually appointed General Manager.  That includes overseeing the development of new effects and managing the day-to-day operation of the company.

There has been a lot of debate about what effect YouTube and Instagram is having on the magic community. Adam thinks it’s all about who you’re learning from not where. Being taught good methods and good ethics are the cornerstones of good magic. It’s the same principals that guide his work at Ellusionist. You have to recognize that these technologies are not going anywhere.

Question for the audience?

What is the message that you want your audience to takeaway from your performance?

What is your favourite thing about magic right now?

The people. We have a unique and weird community along with some of the best people in the world. The good people in this community are some of the best Adam has ever met.

What do you not like about magic right now?

Adam always felt that his magic wasn’t being taken seriously enough. He wants to really affect peoples lives.

Who should we have on the show?

Bill Abbott

Bill Malone

What was your favourite part of the episode?

Jonah loved hating on the haters. There is no much positivity out there and it’s wrong to focus on the negative.

Tyler loved hearing about the business model of Elluionist and about how you can learn from the greats simply by paying attention to their work.

Adam’s wants everyone to remember one thing: Don’t be a dick!






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