Nick Wallace spills the beans on exactly how scripting a show creates an incredibly powerful experience for your audience! In this episode he breaks down exactly how he works with a director and why he would never create a show without it.

Nick started off doing Fringe Festivals just like Keith Brown from Episode 38 all about Fringe shows. If you listened to that episode, you’ll remember Keith actually mentions Nick as being his inspiration for starting to do Fringe shows!

Nick started off using his brother as a director for his shows, but after meeting an awesome director that he worked with in a play he decided to pair with him. He wanted to work with someone who does this professionally!

He now has something that nobody else on the podcast has spoken about.

Nick has a team creating his show with him!

Instead of him worrying himself about every last detail, he knows that he has a support system.

In fact he has both someone to make sure that what he’s putting on stage is great, and he has the motivation to be wildly prepared because he’s getting advice from a professional.

I’ve always found that working with others is something that brings out the best in you, because you’re trying to show each other your best work and be the most valuable, and earn your keep.

Since all magicians talk about making an experience for their audience why aren’t more of us talking to directors to make our shows?

Nick takes this into his own hands. He creates a unique experience by creating a séance for his audience making sure not to overdo the magic. Instead, Nick does his best to scare his audiences, by being clear, subtle and articulate.

Finally we deep dove into the topic of scripting. When you work with a director, you need to script your material. You need to have something to edit, you need to be able to execute everything that you planned.

Not only is your success dependent on it, but so is your directors success. Nick scripts his entire show, memorizes it, performs it, and is not afraid to rescript, replace, or remove things altogether.

Just like two months ago, when the theme was  “crafting your show”, Nick highlights most important point of all. The importance of knowing exactly who you are as a performer so that when you add new material and try to script your act, you know exactly what to do.






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