In Episode 7, we finally get an opportunity to sit down with Ben to chat about the finer details of ethics in magic. This is a topic that we know is not usually spoken about, but as we touched on it in the last episode, we think it’s important.

As we explained people tend to think about ethics in their magic the way they think about eating meat even though the treatment of animals in the process is bad. They know its bad, but meat is delicious. Similarly, we know we should be ethical, but the unethical things are often the very things that make our performances powerful. That’s why these conversations are so important. To make sure that we are not the same as fortune tellers.

While we didn’t touch too much on outside sources, there are a few that I would like to mention, that played a big part in this episode.

Browsers Den – This is the magic store in Toronto that started it all. For all of us in Toronto its an incredible important hub. Cheek-to-Cheek was Bens first trick, we recommend a magic store as a great place for anyones first trick.

Sorcerers Safari – We often refer to magic camp, which is a place where we have all grown as magicians. If you have listened to any of the episodes so far, it would be clear that this camp was critical in our growth as magicians.

Otherwise the only magic-related notable things we mentioned are some of the works of Derren Brown, and Real or Magic, David Blaine’s recent television special.

Share your thoughts in the comments about ethics. How does your magic measure up ethically? How do you handle this issue? Do you care?

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For our 30 day magic podcast throwback we arrive at episode 7. Ben Train, another close personal friend of Discourse in Magic shares his view on morality of magic and metalism. Let us know what you think, we love it! Link in description #magicianslife #episode7 #magic #magicpodcast #magician #mentalism #morality #discourseinmagic

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