In this episode of “Discourse in Magic,” host Jonah Babins interviews Franz Harary, a renowned magician and illusion designer. Franz shares his magical journey, starting with a childhood magic set that sparked his interest in fooling adults and led to his passion for creating original illusions.

A journey into magic and illusion design

Franz recounts his early experiments with cardboard and duct tape, his inspiration from Doug Henning, and his innovative approach to making a car appear, which he later sold to famous magicians. He recalls a pivotal moment when, at 16, he ingeniously used perspective to make a car appear out of thin air—a method he later sold to renowned magicians like David Copperfield and Criss Angel.

Working with Michael Jackson and other artists

Franz also discusses his time working with Michael Jackson on the Victory Tour and his subsequent career as an illusion designer for various pop stars and Broadway shows.  This leap of faith catapulted him into the limelight, and he quickly became known as the young kid who designs illusions for the stars.

Understanding one’s identity as an artist

Franz emphasizes the importance of understanding who you are as a magician, the message you convey, and the need to push the boundaries of magic alongside technological advancements. For Franz, his message has been about equality and empowerment, showing audiences that they too can achieve the seemingly impossible.

Pushing the art form forward

Franz encourages magicians to take risks, be unique, and continually innovate. He shares a piece of advice from Michael Jackson that has become his mantra: “Whatever you do, do it differently and better than anybody else.” This is what transforms a craftsman into an artist.



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