If you saw them walking down the block you would stop dead in your tracks. A haunted couple just walked out of a catalogue from the 1930s. Mysterion, a fast talking Dracula looking gentleman with a white streak through his hair and a fitted Jacket with a leopard print neck and the matching pants. And Steffi Kay. A dapper young lady dressed in vintage clothing with bright red lips. If I didn’t know better I’d bet a months salary that she is from a Time Machine.

This duo walks on stage with a twinkle in their eyes. Sometimes I think it’s because they can read minds, but other times I think it’s because they’re secretly from another universe.

We decided to sit to talk to them about exactly that impression that they seem to make on people! Why it’s so important to think about what you’re wearing and when you’re wearing it? Most importantly exactly how you can get noticed and to “get yourself out there”.

Mysterion welcomed us into his home to see his incredible (and creepy collection of things).

Mysterions advice on getting out there is simple: you need to spend time with the crowds of performers in your city. Hang with the musicians. Hang with the artists. Hang with the theatre kids. It’s the only way to start meeting the right people and making mega connections. His awesome example was the fact that he made the front of a magazine for a music project that he undertook which of course gave him more clout in the world of magic.

He also explains his tactics towards looking different and being present in public looking different.It attracts a lot of questions and that of course translate into more business.

It’s so much easier to tell someone that you think you bumped into Dracula on the street, then it is to tell them that you met a magician. If what we’re doing is truly impossible why not bet on it as our entire character.

Steffi on the other hand discusses her approach with fashion. Her advice for a young magician like us is that more than half of the battle to is just finding clothes that fit and having good posture. With a little bit of help from a friend, googling, or just some good old fashion research you can come up with some great fashion advice for yourself. It’s up to you to take action, and stand out from the crowd, while wearing clothes that fit ( and of course having good posture).

When approaching magic from the perspective of building a character both your mannerisms and your attire create the full picture. These two both have it down pat.

Mysterion and Steffi have reached great heights of success in Toronto and now they are starting to travel all over the US.

If you want to catch them and you live near Toronto check out the Dave and busters in Oakville where you can find them, Ben Train,  Dave Curran, Mark Korea, and myself [Jonah] come Friday and Saturday nights. Shows are at 8:30 and 10:30.

Otherwise follow them up on social media below and try to see when they’re going to come to your city. I have a feeling it’s going to be sooner than you think.
Will see you at our favourite place…THE FUTURE





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