It’s time for the Discourse in Magic boys to have their monthly get together episode, but this time
they’re separated as Jonah has been touring Ontario and Quebec. Tyler, meanwhile, has
been shooting more videos for his work and Instagram, while also watching other magician’s
live performances.

Some magicians that they’re both excited about is Shin Lim with his spot on America’s Got Talent and Jay Sankey’s YouTube videos (which are great for starting magicians).

In the new season of Fool Us, they’re particularly enjoying all of the Canadians on the show and the
potential for more Canadian magicians to fool Pen & Teller.

Jonah has been touring camps non-stop, and almost finished with 100 shows – and another
secret LA project (if you live there, please send me an email). Although all of
this time away from other magicians has been hard, it’s also helped him think of more ideas both good and bad (some of which he’s excited to try once Newest Trick comes back in September). He’s also
going to Magi-Fest in Ohio (and the Juan Tamariz Workshop) and if you’re going you should come and say hey.

While the boys have been refining each of their styles, Jonah might be finding out the hard way
that too much exposition and getting too meta are a bad thing, he also tried the Baguette
and Silk trick (but many campers have learned exactly what it is because of the internet). This starts the conversation around weather or not tricks go out of fashion. They also want to know: Can you make your tricks too intellectual? Or do you “just wanna see the goddamn rabbit come out of the goddamn hat”.

Finally, the boys want to know if it would be a good idea to get non-magicians on the show?

And who if so?

What do you want the magic world to know?

Tyler wants you to put your ego aside, its about the love and talk to people more

Jonah says you should get in touch with the people you need to know

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