It’s time for your regular catch-up episode with Jonah and Tyler. The episode starts
with a quick recap of the last month, where Jonah talks about the Art of Magic, his trip to Chicago and Minneapolis, and much more, and Tyler tells us about a corporate gala gig he got to do!

Tyler ended up performing during the meals meant there were plenty of other performers around, so he had a free Salsa lesson! (Look at all of the benefits of doing magic!) The magic went well too, he even gained a few fans. This all made him feel better with performing at bigger gigs. Jonah finished the second Art of Magic show, with special guests Graham Reed and The Evasons. Plus Jonah talks about his time in Chicago and Minneapolis, and some fun stories about that.

They recently sent out an email asking what you wanted to learn MOST

Here are the results:

  1. What do you want to learn?
  2. How do you perform?

So expect more discussion about that.

Plus the Discourse in Magic boys, explain exactly how to get on the podcast, since someone mentioned it being their dream. Who wouldn’t? The podcast has almost passed big
listenership milestone of 10,000 listeners per month – while still staying ad-free.

Tyler also watched and reviewed Miracle by Derren Brown, as did Jonah, and It’s strongly recommended,
with Jonah asking if mentalism is popular for a good reason and is this the best we can do in 2018?

Tyler wants to know if it’s better having your own style or being part of a character, saying
people will just follow whatever’s popular and move on. This then goes on to questions like,
how far will magic go? Are some types of magic more interesting that others?

Jonah, meanwhile, went to the Chicago Magic Lounge and loved it. And with 9 magicians
performing in 1 night, he couldn’t be happier. He also went to Minneapolis, where he
conveniently packed to be a surprise opener for a show, helping excite a young kid about magic and
meeting the many faces of CJ the Banana. All of this makes him want to go out on the road
more (so if you want Jonah to lecture in your city, Email Him!).

Want to watch amazing never before seen magic from Juan Tamariz?

Magicana Just released tapes from an old  show Chan tata Chan  a magic show entirely in Spanish, but with amazing
performances from a huge cast of performers. Jonah even found a new favourite magician,
Gäetan Bloom, who’s surrealist magic is just astounding.
Jonah’s also thinking of recording some of his own advice podcasts, and he’s happy with the
surreal magic he is performing. But he’s still trying to write that book of all the lessons he’s
learned from the podcast.
We are still looking for others to come on the podcast. So, keep sending your submissions.

Conjure Community:
Miracle, Derren Brown:
Chicago Magic Lounge:

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