It’s episode 96 and time for another solo episode with Jonah and Tyler. We start the episode talking about what we should do to celebrate our upcoming 100th episode. We’ve had some pretty dumb ideas in the past – like listening to all 100 episodes in a row. We need your ideas on this one. Hit us up on Instagram!

Tyler has an upcoming gig in February that he is really excited about. He is working at a bridal companies new facility in front of 800 people. Shout out to his brother-in-law for hooking that up! Jonah was at a summer camp convention which was super expensive. In the end not that many camps showed up to talk to him. On the brighter side Jonah connected with entrepreneur Noah Kagan. Noah wanted to learn magic and Jonah has been teaching him over Facetime. On top of being a magician to the rich and famous Jonah has also been performing a lot in and around Toronto.

The Dream 100 is a list of your ideal clients that business gurus suggest you create. Jonah decided to create a list of the 100 guests he most wants on the show. It turned out that most of the people he came up with had already. But there were a few that haven’t. Tyler would love to have Neil Patrick Harris and Chris Pratt (because he did one trick one time). Jonah wants to get Juan Tamariz and Dani DaOrtiz and, of course, Penn and Teller. David Copperfield and Darwin Ortiz are also high up on that list.

Jonah has been working on a trick that features a rotary phone. He calls himself from the future this made perfect sense at the time but now he wonders why a call from the future would be on a rotary phone. He is also in the middle of running a course called the Magicians Guide to Getting Gigs. He’s also working on another course that will help people to script their shows.

MagiFest took place recently in Columbus, Ohio and Jonah was disappointed that he didn’t attend. David Williamson was in attendance and Jonah hopes that he was congratulated for his appearance on Discourse. The downloads for that episode were really high.

Recently, we met up with a fan who came out to Toronto. We had some drinks, jammed a little and talked a lot about magic. We talked about making simple tricks play big and how to make a business out of the art. If you’re ever in Toronto be sure to look us up. We love meeting listeners of the podcast!

Jonah asked Tyler what’s changed in the podcast over the last 96 episodes. Tyler thinks it’s become much more streamlined. The conversations feel a lot more comfortable and natural. The show is much more practical than it was at the start. Jonah agrees with that sentiment and adds that he loves hearing more about each of the guests lives.

Jonah recently had an epiphany, recently, about his stage presence. He had been trying to take himself out of the magic while performing. But some prominent magicians told him that if it’s his show than he has to be part of the magic.

As a wrap up question a viewer on Instagram asked if would ever want to start our own camp. Tyler said that he would rather die than attempt that.

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