We’re excited to have Denis Behr on the show this week.  Denis has consistently released some of the most innovative card magic in the world.  His dedication to the craft shines through in everything he does, especially in his new DVD titled Magic on Tap.

Denis first started with magic as a kid after being given a kit as a kid. Card magic has become his obsession. He never worked as a professional magician having trained in mathematics at university. He now works as a web developer and programmer at company based on Munich, Germany.

Every big city in Germany has a close-up theatre and Denis has been worked at nearly all of them. The theatre in Munich can seat as many as 80 people. Denis tends to work the first two rows and so his shows tend to be a mix between close-up and a theatre show.

Denis is influenced by everything in his life. He reads a lot of books and also finds himself inspired by other magicians. He loves creating the feeling of impossibility in his shows. His voracious reading is all about learning about a magicians philosophy and technique. He’s not interested in just gleaning ideas for new tricks. If that happens he’s happy but learning about the history of magic is an end in itself.

What do you like about magic right now? What do you hate?

Denis likes how easy it is to get in touch with magicians from all over the world.  He doesn’t like how easy it is for magicians to publish low quality content.

What do you want to ask our audience?

What is the ratio of magical books to DVD’s that you are currently consuming.

What do you want to tell our audience?

Be less hateful online!

What was your favourite part of the episode?

Tyler liked hearing about how Denis first became engaged in magic.

Jonah liked hearing about how Denis designs his routines.

Denis liked talking about the connections between mathematics and magic.






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