In this episode we sit down with Canadian Comedy Magic Icon Matt Disero. Matt is a hilarious Canadian comedy magician, who has made his way up through the comedy circuit. Sitting down with Matt in person it gave us an opportunity to really interact, dig deep, and touch on some of the important nuances of comedy magic.

I first found Matt when he was part of James Alan’s Toronto show: “Magic Tonight”

Little did I know that Matt’s a Toronto Magic Comedy Icon!

In the episode we got advice in both the performance and technical aspects of comedy magic, as well as some more business related aspects.

For example Matt gives us clear instructions on how to deliver a joke: Stop all movement on the punch line.

You may want to repeat the set-up or the premise multiple times (like Chris Rock is known for) to make sure everyone is on the same page. The punchline however, needs to be delivered at a stop point.

In terms of business we also learned a ton from Matt! Being a magician in the stand-up comedy is tough. I’m not referring to writing jokes, I’m talking about the cut throat industry.

Sometimes magicians are told that this specific comedy show does not bring magicians on.

That can be incredibly unfortunate. However, Matt Disero is a pro performer who does not get bogged down my sour comedy establishments.

He’s performed at corporate events, cruises, private events all over! Plus he’s going to be performing at the magic castle in LA!

Check out this clip of Matt!

One of the best parts of chatting with Matt is he’s someone who’s been through the comedy and magic circuit in Toronto. He’s been a part of institutions such as Yuk Yuks, Harper’s and other important staples for Comedy and Magic in Toronto!

If you want all the goodies from the episode, the best way to do it is to listen to it!

If you want to catch more Matt Disero you can either find out where to catch him on tour, or check out some of his social medias to keep up to date!






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