In this episode we packed up our bags and travelled to Toronto (hehe) to our good friend Bobby Motta’s house. If you know anything about Bobby, you know that he is one of Toronto’s Top Mentalist and is a very very bright guy.

In the episode we chat about some of the differences between magic and mentalism, and why Bobby chose mentalism over magic in the end. If you’ve ever seen one of Bobby’s shows (and you should), you would know that he has found his niche.

One of the things we chat about in this episode is the relationship between mentalism and science, and truth/ honestly (a la Ben Train’s episode).

Bobby’s view is much less concerned with negatively affecting the audience. Since they are there for a performance, under the umbrella of theatre, he includes a disclaimer. If people believe what he’s saying he doesn’t worry so much about it.

When we chat about science he tells us a story, that I think is very relatable about his performance for some people at LifeLabs.

I think that it helps illuminate that especially with mentalism, not everyone views it the same way. Not everyone is going to believe the mumbo jumbo that we’re saying and THATS OKAY. As Bobby says: “As long as they leave feeling something” you’ve done your job. And I think a great view. I think it’s a nice idea to make everyone feel something similar, but if it’s not possible, making sure that everybody feels something, and leaves the show thinking about it, and not thinking about what meal they’re about to eat, then you did your job.

On the note of Bobby Motta, this month (AUGUST) we have a simple simple simple contest. If you Tweet at us you can win a copy of Bobby Motta and Peter Mckinnon’s Blackmail.

Take a look below:


If you’re from Toronto Bobby has a show at Dave and Busters on Friday and Saturday Nights called Grey Matter that is worth checking out!







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