In this Episode we sit down with our good friend Scott Hammel to talk about stunts. Scotty is a motivational speaker who uses magic and stunts as a tool to help deliver his message. We wanted to chat with him about a lot of the “Why and How’s” of stunt work, to better understand the niche that he’s found himself in.

Scotty has a massive range of stunts under his belt, from escaping from a straight jacket hanging upside-down from a hot air balloon, to catching a bullet being shot at him. While I could describe them to you below I have attached a few videos from his youtube channel so you can see what he’s all about

Like here where he juggles live foireworks


Or here: where he jumps out of an airplane blindfolded and handcuffed


We think that Scotty is an inspiration, and a great friend.

In the episode he doesn’t reference any resources, so we don’t have much more to add on this page. Please check out his Youtube Channel, he has a ton of great material.

As well the stunt he’s talking about at the end of the episode is coming up soon, so stay tuned for that announcement and how to keep up to date with the wonderful things he’s up to!






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