We’ve been trying to get The Evasons on the show for a long time now.  Then out of the blue they phoned us up and said that they were in town.  We invited them over to the house to record this week’s episode and the results were pretty spectacular!

Jeff and Tessa first met at a fashion show in Toronto in 1983.  They had both been hired to perform some magic tricks. They’ve been performing together ever since.  Jeff was first introduced to magic by his grandpa who gave him a magic book. He worked as a radio DJ for many years but always performed magic on the side.  Tessa grew up in St. Lucia but came to Toronto to work as a fashion model. As a kid she saw Mark Wilson performing illusions and was totally entranced.

The Evasons act has evolved a lot over the last 35 years.  For a long time they performed a big illusion show. They worked theatres big and small across the country and aboard cruise ships.  A friend gave him a tape of a mind reader and they decided to make change. No one was doing a two person mentalism act. They worked on the act while aboard a cruise ship.  It absolutely floored the audience that night and they knew they had something special.

Performing couples is a rarity in the industry.  When they first started working together they weren’t yet romantic partners.  That relationship only developed after five years. The fact that they were friends and business partners first is what ensured that their relationship has lasted for so long.

When Jeff and Tessa first started in the business it was much easier.  There was so much work, especially in the corporate sector. All of the details were handled by agents so they were left to concentrate on the act.  Nowadays, they are much more involved in their own promotion especially on social media.

What do you like about modern magic?  What don’t you like?

Jeff doesn’t like the amount of people willing to give away secrets almost for free.  Tessa doesn’t like the number of people just stealing tricks rather than simply asking.

What do you want to ask our audience?

Jeff wants to know why do you want to do magic?  Tessa wants to know why there are not more woman in magic.

What do you want to tell our audience?

Jeff says stop pushing magic on people that don’t want to see it!  Tessa says she can’t stand the dissing of the older generation.

Who should we have next on the podcast?

Ryan Joyce

What did you like about the podcast?

Tyler liked hearing about how Tessa and Jeff have managed to combine their professional and personal lives.

Jonah liked hearing about the process of creating an act that’s unique.

Tessa really enjoyed learning about how Jonah and Tyler think about magic.



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