This episode with Jonah is going to be ridiculously short because it’s not really an episode.

But First, Congratulations

Jonah wants to say two things. The first thing is to say congratulations. This year has been really strange. And for many of us, it kind of all accumulated to December, which was for many of us, our busiest virtual magic month ever, where 12 months ago, not one of us was doing virtual magic. So you owe yourself a pat on the back for an interesting, fun, and strange, and a little bit of a hopefully memorable year that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. Give yourself a Pat on the back for some of the amazing stuff that you’ve done.

And Now, For Something Completely Amazing

The second reason for this episode is to tell you about next week’s episode. At the end of every Discourse in Magic podcast, Jonah asks each guest about the “Endless Chain”. In order to keep the podcast going on for eternity, each guest is asked to recommend another guest that would be perfect for the show.

There are two reasons why Jonah does this. The first reason is to help introduce us to new people that we don’t know and help to keep the podcast go on forever. But the second reason is to get in contact with some very specific, very hard to reach people, who have a lot of important things to say in the world of magic.

It is without exaggeration that we tell you that the episode coming out next week is one of the most exciting episodes that we have ever released. Not only is this someone who you know and love, but he over delivered on the episode and we are so excited to share it with you.

We can’t say too much about who it is yet, but what we can say is, for those of you that get it, we hope this makes up for our April Fools prank a few years back…

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