You know him from Comedy Network! You’ve watched his Viral Videos! You know him Cupcake Wars (okay maybe not) the one and only Justin Willman joins us on the podcast!

If you’ve never heard of Justin pause the episode and go watch this!

Willman has a great approach to Magic on TV and on Youtube. One of the unique approaches that we haven’t heard is a real fight for quality over quantity online. Most advice is “start producing amazing content regularly”. Now it’s a given that quality is important. But to put it first over quantity is unique advice.

The other thing which is an important distinction is that Justin is not producing online content to make money online. He doesn’t sell magic tricks. He wants people to book him for more stage time and fill more seats. People often forget that producing content on youtube does not make you a YOUTUBER. That’s a good thing. You don’t need to vlog. You can just make 1 or 2 or 5 GREAT VIDEOS.

While we think he’s the expert on TV. Some of the videos that he’s produced on the internet have been amazing. Specifically the ones that have to do with his recent wedding. We spoke about them in the episode but they’re worth watching:

More than anything Justin is a the king at making sure his magic has purpose. If you just watch his Comedy Network special you’ll understand how great of a job he does at being current. Tricks about Social media, Pot (since it’s pretty IN right now), technology advances and other very topical subjects.

His magic magic makes sense!

Check out his recent video about social change that we were talking about in the episode!


So! If this is the first time that you’ve heard of Justin (doubt it!) then you should Subscribe on youtube and check out his other social medias






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