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Episode 123 – Becoming an Amazing Performer with Kayla Drescher

Kayla Drescher is a fantastic magician, who really cares about character, comedy and the importance of theatre. She recently performed on  Pen & Teller’s “Fool Us” and has a new podcast, called Shezam chatting all about women in magic.

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Episode 62 – The Real Housewives of Toronto Magicians with Haley Carson, Karleena Kelly, and Natasha Hanna-Sawires

In this episode we decided to break down the age old question: “why would you date a magician?”. We brought out three girlfriends of prominent Toronto magicians because Tyler and I do not have girlfriends of our own.

If you want to hear straight gossip about Ben Train, Mark Correia, or Scott Hammell. We had a ladies night with all of their lovely girlfriends.

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Episode 15 – Women in Magic with Rosemary Reid

In this episode of Discourse in Magic we got to sit down with our good friend Rosemary Reid to chat about women in magic. Rosemary has a very reasonable approach to why there aren’t that many women in magic.

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