Jeki Yoo joins host Jonah Babins to discuss his magic journey, experiences in competitions, and his unique approach to crafting magic for television and social media. They explore the magic scene in South Korea and delve into Jeki’s process of creating engaging pop-up magic videos, which can take weeks to perfect. Jeki shares his organizational methods, his passion for magic, and how he monetizes his craft through events and product sales. The conversation also touches on the broader magic community, the effects of accessibility,

Behind the Scenes of Creativity

Jeki’s dedication to his craft is truly admirable. We talked about his process for brainstorming and tracking ideas, and how he uses tools like Notion to keep his magical concepts organized. It’s a peek into the mind of a magician who’s always pushing the boundaries.

The Business of Magic

Let’s not forget, magic is not just about the applause; it’s also a livelihood. Jeki opened up about how he balances his passion with the practical aspects of running a magic business, from performing at events to selling his own magic products.

“Oh My” – More Than Just a Catchphrase

We even touched on the origin of Jackie’s iconic catchphrase “oh my” and his thoughts on the current state of the magic world. It’s a mix of excitement for the accessibility of magic today and a call for preserving the discipline and mystery that makes magic so special.

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