What if charging $250 per show is the very thing holding you back from building a $100,000 magic business? This episode of Discourse in Magic, hosted by Jonah Babins, dives into the powerful strategy of reverse engineering your way to a six-figure income in the magic industry.

Do the math!

Drawing from his unique background in pure math and his experience running a successful magic mastermind, Jonah breaks down the essential numbers and strategies you need to elevate your magic career. Whether you’re curious about the ideal number of bookings or questioning the feasibility of your current rates, this episode is packed with actionable insights that will transform your business approach.

Learn from the best

Join Jonah as he shares enlightening conversations with fellow magicians during strategy sessions and mastermind meetings. Discover why sticking to rates like $250 or $400 per show could be the very obstacle in your path to financial success. From understanding your market positioning to identifying the right niche, Jonah provides practical math and strategic advice to help you hit — and surpass — the $100k mark. If you’re serious about refining your business strategy and making your magic career flourish, this episode is a must-listen!



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