Ben Train, Chris Mayhew and Jacque Swan join Jonah once again this year to reflect on 2019 and look ahead to 2020. From winning awards, to getting into performing, to disillusionment, a lot has happened since last year’s episode. The four also discuss coin magic, soup, and Ben creates a drinking game involving Jonah’s hats. 


Ben: His highlight was being able to produce so many shows in 2019. Through TMC, he has been able to share the magicians he loves with Toronto. 

Chris: Now that he’s working with Lost Art, he had the opportunity to experience the business and curation side of magic. He also was happy to start performing on stage again. 

Jacque: Her highlight was the amount of shows she performed in, seeing her confidence grow on stage, and finding tricks that she’s been able to make her own. 

Jonah: Overall, he had a fantastic year. Between travelling to interview magicians for the podcast to his summer tour to the work he did with TMC, he was able to accomplish so much magic wise. 


Ben: He didn’t make the changes he had wanted to make in terms of his personal show.  

Chris: Although working with Lost Art has been fantastic, he regrets not working on more of his own material for release. 

Jacque: The period where she just had no drive to practice or do any magic. She feels the impacts of that down time now. 

Jonah: He struggled with how much time he wanted to spend focusing on the creative aspects of magic. 

2020 Resolutions:

Ben:  He wants to find a balance in his magic by looking into other aspects like lecturing and producing shoes. He’s also made moves in other areas outside of magic to help this balance. 

Chris: He wants to start performing his one man show again.

Jacque: She wants to actively show people the material she’s working on. 

Jonah: While he still wants to be a performer, he wants to grow as a show producer and podcaster. 

Words of Wisdom

Ben: Accept and invite change in your life. 

Chris: Self love is critical. 

Jacque: Embrace your community. 

Jonah: Plan big. Be ambitious. 


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