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Curiosity, Collections, & Community with Mark Desourza

Mark Desouza might be one of the most well connected magicians around with a deep curiosity of the art of magic and an even deeper collection of magic props.

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Building A Magic Community with Benjamin Barnes

Benjamin Barnes on the unique Chicago magic scene and what to look for when you want to build your own magic community

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Magic Appetizer: 5

Jonah and Ben are back for one more time to talk about the fifth, and final, virtual 8-bit magic convention.

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Three Questions With Jake Strong Podcast

This week we share a segment from the Three Questions with Jake Strong Podcast, in which Jonah was recently a guest on. 

Read more … In Space!

Ben and Jonah are back to get you excited about taking beyond the final frontier… space! 

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Reviewing & Marketing The Secrets of Magic with Ekat

Jonah connects with Ekat, to talk about creating content online, the difficulty in marketing magic, and the challenges that come up when trying to ethically review magic products.

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