After meeting Simon Black at Motor City magic convention in Michigan and watching and learning his mechanics I was knocked off my socks. But since then, he has really dove into the world of magic theory, specifically Spanish theory in his magic.

We chat about some major ideas in the episode, but specifically we touch on wish fulfillment and some parts of thepry which reflect that.

In this episode Simon did quite a bit of name dropping of his friends and mentors. Since Simon knows his stuff here are names of some of the top name drops in this episode

In terms of mentors he made sure to highlight four people: Asi Wind, Garret Thomas and Alex Pandrea and Tony Chang.

But Simon isn’t new to the idea of standing on the shoulders of giants to make his magic theory awesome. He spoke about some other very important magicians

Chan Canasta for his work on understanding chance and coincidence. He mentioned the study of  Juan Tamariz‘s book The Magic Way, and of course highlighted the performance of Derek DelGaudio and quite a few others.

If you got anything valueable out of this episode leave a comment below telling us what worked for you

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