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Adapting for Virtual With Jon Armstrong

Jonah is joined by Jon Armstrong where they share an honest discussion on the difficulty of being a performer in 2020, learning how to embrace virtual shows, and how to plan for the eventual return to in-person performances.

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Defining Magic for Yourself with Erik Tait

Jonah is joined by Erik Tait to discuss his brand of magic, producing magic for Penguin, and venturing into the world of live stream events.

Read more’s Virtual Show Panel

Recorded live during, Jonah hosts a virtual panel on hosting virtual shows. Joining the panel is David Parr, Ben Seidman, Haim Goldenberg, and Adrian Lacroix.

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Preconceived Podcast

Jonah was invited to the Preconceived Podcast to talk about magic and understanding the craft and business of magic. This episode is a selection of that conversation that Jonah had with Preconceived host Zale Mednick.

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Maximum Entertainment 2.0 with Ken Weber

Jonah is joined by Ken Weber to discuss his revised and expanded Maximum Entertainment 2.0.

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Translating Magic with Rafael Benatar

Rafael Benatar discusses his translations of magic masters into other languages and the secrets to memorization

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