Laura London is a legend in the magic community. She’s been on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us and The Next Great Magician. She’s had her own show, Cheat, in the Edinburgh Fringe. She’s an Inner Magic Circle member of the Magic Circle and she shares her incredible story and upbringing into the way of magic and how you can build a show too.  

In this discussion Laura opens up about her early diagnoses with ADHD as a child and how that led to her mother’s support in her creative pursuits and an early encounter with magic legend George Kovari. She takes us through her teenage years when she left home and lived rough on the streets performing magic wherever she could and yet overcame the odds to become the youngest member of the Magic Circle on her 18th birthday. From having no degrees or completing any formal education she’s now working as the librarian of the Magic Circle.

She didn’t accomplish all this on her own though and shares the story about how Fay Presto became her mentor and taught her all about how to be an entertainer. She’ll share with you the lessons she’s learned on how to find your grit and get out and just do it as well as offering advice on how to track down and book a residency of your own. 


Endless Chain

Richard McDougal & Paul Kieve

What do you like about modern magic? What do you not like?

We are encouraging more and more people in a positive way, especially young girls. I’m seeing more and more young teenagers coming up to me at conventions and they’re good! We’re in good hands. 

I would love to encourage more young people to get into the history of magic. 


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