It’s a short episode this week with Jonah talking about the state of the podcast, the Banksy painting fiasco, and the Toronto Magic Company.

The Banksy Painting

Referencing David Parr’s episode, Jonah relates the shredding of the Banksy painting to David’s idea of a narrative allowing you to get away with a method. This comparison was sparked by an article that attempts to determine if the painting was actually shredded. Jonah explains that people were so focused on a painting being shredded immediately after being purchased that the people present didn’t stop to question what they were seeing in the moment.

Toronto Magic Company

Jonah provides a brief catch-up on the current state of the Toronto Magic Company, as events that were on pause over the summer are now in full swing.

The Newest Trick in the Book – Canada’s only open mic magic show – is back and in its fourth week. Every week, different magicians take to the stage in Toronto to perform new tricks. The best part about the show, Jonah explains, is that he gets to see a variety of acts to inspire him, rather than the same shows each week.  

In the wake of five sold-out shows, the sixth Art of Magic returns in the November with the Sentimentalists headlining the show. Each month, these shows feature an amazing line-up like the Evasons, Mark Correia, Keith Brown, and Nick Wallace. Alongside the draw of talented magicians, Jonah credits the combination of TMC’s content and paid marketing on Facebook alongside the relevance of their name.

If you have any questions about starting up shows in your city, they encourage you to reach out to them or check out the episode they did for the podcast. 

State of the Podcast

Jonah would like to thank everyone who has reached out since the last episode. He was touched by the number of qualified people who offered to be the new co-host for the podcast. However, Jonah will be hosting the podcast solo, but he does plan to bring on guest hosts in the future.

There will, potentially, be a new mini-episode on Mondays based on the listener’s participation. You would have the chance to send in your questions via an audio clip, and Jonah would address them on the show. The question would then be turned over to the audience for further answers. If you like the idea, reach out to him over Instagram or through email.  

The lineup behind the scenes of the podcast has changed. A few episodes before Tyler left, there was a new edition to the team. Jacque Swan, a magician in Toronto, has joined the podcast to do the episode write-ups and edit the audio. Feel free to reach out and say “hi” to her on Instagram. 

Question of the week

What is one thing in magic 2018 which you love? And one thing in magic 2018 which you hate?

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