With his passion shifting away from magic, Tyler says goodbye to the magic community and to Discourse in Magic in episode 133. Over the course of two hours, Tyler and Jonah discuss why he has decided to leave while reminiscing about their time working on the podcast. 

The Reasons Behind his Departure

Tyler never planned to become a professional magician. He originally got into magic as a way to get social attention. Magic allowed him to interact with and captivate people. He was happy being the magic person among people because it gave him a way to interact. But, with his life moving in a different direction and finding a passion for video editing, Tyler has found his passion for magic fading away. Magic is no longer helping him form meaningful relationships with people, so he has decided to step back and focus on just being him.

As he has mentioned over the last few episodes, Tyler has found a passion for video editing. It’s a task he is able to sit down and complete which is something that has always been difficult for him. Tyler goes on to explain that he wants to be able to move on from projects. With video, he may create several drafts, but he will eventually deliver it to his client and be done with the project. With magic, there is always something more to improve and he can’t move on like he wants to. He further goes on to explain that working for someone else pushes him to be his best. It is a consistent job, and he doesn’t feel guilty completing other tasks outside of his work.

Overall, Tyler wants to focus on being just Tyler.


The second half is spent briefly covering the 132 episodes they have done together, providing a behind the scenes glimpse into the recording process. Jonah and Tyler cover their favourite episodes, the mistakes they made starting out, and the memorable moments that weren’t recorded.

Ending Notes

Tyler is glad he did the podcast and believes it has benefited the magic community.

He reminds everyone to be good. Not just in magic, but in general. In and outside of magic. Tyler wants you to not just better yourself the whole time, but to try to better the world. You have a gift–a talent you worked hard for. Everything is a gift and you need to remember that.

Tyler wants to the thank and apologizes to the fans and the people he has built relationships with through the podcast. It only took one person each week to keep him and Jonah putting out episodes. He thanks you for listening and supporting them over the years and encourages people to continue listening to the podcast after his departure. He hopes that, in the future, he has more to give to the community because it has given him so much.

The podcast will continue, but Jonah encourages fans to reach out and keep up with Tyler if he has affected you in any way. If you wish to send Tyler a message, you can reach him at tylersolwilliams@gmail.com


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