We thought it would be great to interview some key players in our magic communities in Toronto and Canada that helped to bring Discourse in Magic together.

First we interview our long time friend Jeff Pinsky from the Browsers Den of Magic about the origins of the magic store. We conducted the interview at the magic store itself where he told us about the history of the shop, his mentality with the new generation of magicians, and some touching words about the family that he’s fostered here in Toronto.

Then we got an opportunity to sit down with Magic Mike (not the male stripper) from Sorcerers Safari magic camp. This was the place where Tyler and I met as magicians and friends. We talk about  the awesome history and special guests of the camp, as well as the future and the very very exciting 2016 summer featuring Suzanne the Magician.

Finally we recorded a tidbit with Ben Train about what makes a magic community awesome, what makes it bad, and how to make your magic community incredible. Ben is a dear friend from Toronto who has grown along side us in the last few years. He is a great representation of a model magic community member. He is involved and interested in all magic projects that cross his path, making sure to be positive influence on magicians around him and not a negative one.

These are 3 of the many staples of our magic lives here in Toronto?

What magic communities have been important in your life and why?

Comment below!

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