If you are into creative methods for magic, then I recommend listening to this episode. Mathieu Bich turns the standard notions of creativity on their head by chatting about the process he goes through to create magic, More importantly he chat’s about the purpose of his magic creation: himself. That seems to be the key to creating awesome magic. Finding the solutions you want to be found is easier to find by looking inside for the solutions instead of outside to resources.

He walks us through his journey of becoming a creator and exactly how and why he creates, and even walks us through what he was thinking and feeling in his Penn and Teller Fool Us performance. You can check this out here, and watch what he does to Penn and Teller:

Since his first appearance on Theory11 to his FISMm and Penn ant Teller debut, he’s made his mark on the modern magic community.  His approaches are unique, so is his insight, and most importantly he has his own theory, ideas, and structures that he uses to invent, and make his magic awesome.

Bich is one of this generations best creators. He’s not looking for a 400th way to do the same trick. He’s innovating, and he’s innovating for the one magician he needs to create for: himself

The best past was that it was such a refreshing take on being creative in the art of magic. Most people subscribe to the thought of endlessly sharing and endlessly learning. He is a true artist in the sense that he is so much more focused on creation for his own purpose instead of that of others.


Since often his purpose for creating new magic methods is so that it can make him happy, and please his needs, he ends up creating mountains more magic, for his own benefit. Which of course he likes because he created it for himself.

I would love to know what you all think of this interview

Check out some of his awesome magic:





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