In this episode we sit down with the amazing Youtube star Daniel Fernandez. When I say amazing youtube star, I’m both referring to his 720,000+ subscribers, and his amazing videos that have me smiling, and watching to the end.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the video where he mentions flying out one of his subscribers:

But if you haven’t seen his youtube channel yet, I would totally recommend checking it out. He creates awesome videos all about magic. And he’s someone making massive waves in the youtube world spreading the same awesome magic that we’re a part of.

Check this out too!


**If you are looking for the contest that we mentioned in the episode feel free to click here and try to win!

Otherwise, I really recommend checking out Daniel Fernandez’s videos, channel and everything else. He’s a great voice for youtube, magic, being flirtatious with ladies, and tons of other areas he was a real blast to chat with.


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See you there!

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