Not all hero’s wear capes, and not all magicians live on the stage. Some can be found sitting at the table at the magic shop, shuffling cards, or creating some new magic.

Jeff was an important character in the Toronto magic scene who had an impact on the on two young budding Toronto magicians (Tyler and I). He was at the magic store, at magic camp, and in all of the big time Toronto magic circles.

One day we found out that Jeff quit magic.

I know…

I performed tricks that he had invented. Had been inspired watching him lecture, jammed alongside him, and now he was quitting magic?

It didn’t make sense.

Well since then 3 great things happen.

  1. Jeff Came back to magic after many years of separation. The Toronto magic community rejoiced.
  2. He started working at the magic store again, bringing all that is right back to the universe
  3. He joined us to talk about his expirience on episode 64 of the podcast.

If you’ve ever experienced falling out of love with magic, this episode might strike a chord with you, and might help you fall back into love

We walk through the reasons why he left, why he’s back, and what you can take from that.

All artists have experienced some distaste for what they do at some point in their careers and I thought it would be interesting to address those emotions and experiences dead on.

When you fall in love with magic, your whole life becomes magic. While I don’t know what you personally might struggle with, I know that everyone struggles with something.

If what you need it a break from magic, take it. If what you need is more inspiration, FIND IT!

Whatever you need, you can take something valuable from Jeff in this episode.

Another reason why I loved this episode was because Jef walked us through aspects of Toronto’s magic scene that he admired before, and that brought him back, more recently.

Things like the Browsers Den and Sorcerers Safari, which come up on the podcast often have had a huge roll in the development of magicians in Toronto. It was nice to once again dive in deep with a local magician, and give listeners an opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to be a young magician in Toronto.

At the end of the episode we tackle a more hard hitting issue: Why does Jeff like “Oil and Water” so much? He walks us through why he thinks it’s great.

Let me know what you think of the episode, it would mean the world.

If you’re looking for something to do next time you’re in Toronto why not head to the Browsers Den of Magic to go see Jeff!

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