In episode 65 of Discourse in Magic we sit down with old friend Ryan Edwards.

We’ve known Ryan from once again, Sorcerers Safari, but we wanted to introduce him to all of you and give you a chance to get TOP NOTCH magic tools!

Ryan does it all! He’s written and performed two of his own magic shows. He’s advised and built props for top magicians around the world, and he most importantly  he handcrafts tools (wallets, card clips, close up pads) for magicians looking to up their magic style at 

We started by chatting with him about his alternate path into magic. Ryan had an interest in magic, but the thing that helped get him noticed was his crafting skills. He was found on the scene because of a custom card clip that he made for himself.

After attending a large magic convention it all started. Endless demands from the magic community; an inbox full of request for their own hand crafter products.

With that, he launched his very successful business.

Here’s the twist. He’s not just a great craftsman.

He’s a fantastic magician too! Probably because he brings the same dedication to his show as he does his craftsmanship. All to help him craft an amazing show!

Just hearing him chat about the steps he took to have a successful show, makes it clear that he’s amongst the pros.

We discuss the importance of scripting, show design, and how to make sure that you’re doing a great job. If you’re in the process of making your own show you’ll like this episode.

If you want to be inspired to do something different with your magic, you’ll really like this episode.

Ryan has worked with friend of the podcast Patrick Kun, as well as advising for Steven Brundage during his run on AGT.

Ryan’s one of the guys who’s spent his years behind the scenes, crafting materials and sharing his ideas. Now that he’s been creating and producing his own shows, I think we’re going to see much more of him on the scene.

Let’s chat about what Ryan is known best for:

His hand crafted materials.

Ryan makes Close-up pads, card clips and everything in between for close up magicians looking to up the style of their most important tools.

He’s created things for Teller, for David Copperfield, and he’s even made a close-up pad for me…. AND I LOVE IT!

There’s very few people that do what he does…. and boy does he do a great job!

If you’re looking for a handcrafted close-up pad, card clip, wallet, or ANYTHING. Ryan is your guy.

You can check it out at :

I usually put contact info…. But just Go to the website.

They’re gorgeous!!!!!

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