In this Episode we got to sit down with the one and only Shawn Farquhar to talk about how to fool Penn and Teller, or win a contest like FISM, twice!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see any of Shawn’s recent fooling videos you can check them out here:

In our episode we walk through both of his Fool Us performances, and how he did it. Since we’re catching him right on the front end of his second Fool Us performance going viral, we chatted quite a bit about the experience.

If you want the inside scoop on how Penn and Teller act backstage after they were fooled Shawn goes into great detail about it in the episode.

It turns out that Shawn was more into putting on good TV then he was about fooling them – But it looks like he did both!

Then we trace further back in time to his two gold medals at FISM, and why it took some silver medals along the road to get there.

The secrets to both fooling Penn and Teller, and winning FISM turns out to be the same: know your audience.

For Penn and Teller, the secret is to play on their knowledge of magic, and for FISM – just play by the rules.

Through Shawn’s stories we dive into how he selects songs to go with his routines, and my favourite part is a long list of watch stealing stories that either went horribly wrong or horribly right.

If you are interested in Shawn you can usually find him on a cruise ship, or… lets be honest, at an airport.

Or, if you want to find him online check out his store Palmer Magic

Or check out his personal website and follow him on any and all of the social medias







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