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Be Human with Derren Brown

Derren Brown joins Jonah this week to discuss developing ideas, finding your own voice, and what magic means in our current society. Between his award-winning stage shows, TV specials, and books, you’re probably familiar with the UK based mentalist.

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Searching for Real Magic with Gordon Precious

On episode 161, Jonah sits down with Gordon Precious to discuss exploring life and searching for real magic. Besides being an incredible magician, Gordon has travelled to over 100 countries, owns an extensive magical apparatus collection, and holds the world record for being the oldest heli skier at the age of 94.

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How to Fool Penn & Teller and Win FISM… Twice with Shawn Farquhar

In this Episode we got to sit down with the one and only Shawn Farquhar to talk about how to fool Penn and Teller, or win a contest like FISM, twice!

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