If you want to know what type of procedure to use to get booked, you’re in the right place!

The one and only Wes Barker brings the heat on episode 29 by chatting all about how to get booked. Since he’s made big waves in a short time, he’s tells us exactly what to look for in branding and why cold calling colleges is so fun and easy!

If you don’t know anything about Wes, let me give you a rundown.

Canadian boy, very original magician. He’s performed on: Americas Got Talent, Penn and Teller Fool Us, Wizard Wars, Just For Laughs, and even throws his own theatre shows!

The one thing that’s obvious is that he’s creative and clever. He has original effects for the stage, and he knows what he’s creating for.

Wes is a go getter because he calls all of the right people and knows how to talk. If you want to learn exactly who to call and what to say this is the episode for you! He explains why it’s easy, and it was honestly a blast to listen to him talk about some of the conversations he has on the phone.

If you want to have a good laugh while learning exactly how to take action for your magic, and getting booked. I would tune in to the episode

As he and Lou explains in the previous episode: by doing magic full time, you’ve free’d up some 40 hours a week to do marketing. You should be spending those hours reaching out.

In this episode he explains that he uses cold calls to target clients. It’s especially easy when he’s chatting with students. Since it’s their job to book talent, when he calls as talent to get booked it helps a ton. If you aren’t interested in college market, try col calling another industry. He mentions old age homes, but feel free to get creative!

In the episode we chat about the importance of branding. Wes knows that you need to be able to sell exactly what you do in a few words or a tagline. While you give up the potential to have a wide number of gigs, as we mentioned before you will get more and better higher paying gigs.

One of the thing that Wes explains is that while it’s totally okay to do special shows that are unique for clients “You want to do as much of the magic that you want to do as possible”.

Find the niche or the group where you can do your show over and over again. That’s what’s going to be your money maker. I’ve found that to be totally true, and I would recommend it to anybody!

We also chatted with him about TV specials. If you are interested in learning how to pitch your magic.







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