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Magical Appetizer #18: Facebook Ads

This week Jonah breaks down all the basics you need to know about running ads on Facebook. These are the first things Jonah works with when consulting with other magicians to help them set up their Facebook ads. 

Read more’s Virtual Show Panel

Recorded live during, Jonah hosts a virtual panel on hosting virtual shows. Joining the panel is David Parr, Ben Seidman, Haim Goldenberg, and Adrian Lacroix.

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Better Business with Magic Podcast

Jonah was invited to the Better Business with Magic podcast, to join host Nolan Webster to discuss the intersections of math and magic and how they can work for anyone who wants to improve their business skills.

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Magical Appetizer #17: Getting Into The Virtual Biz

This week Jonah talks about how to break into the virtual magic business.

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Virtual Restaurant Magic with Graeme Reed

This week, Jonah joins Graeme “Graemazing” Reed on an episode of his podcast, Magicians Talking Magic. The two discuss pivoting to performing virtually, and how to build relationships during these uncertain times. Graeme is an Ontario based magician with a background in media and broadcasting.

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Magician Appetizer #15: Four Types of Luck

Feeling lucky? This week Jonah sits down to talk about the four types of luck, and how you can leverage luck to work in your favour. We’ll be back to the regular interview episodes in two weeks! The Discourse in Magic Team has been working on some exciting projects during this break that we can’t wait to share with you. 

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