In episode 28 we had the wonderful Lou Serrano chat with us about exactly how to book gigs. As he says, there isn’t one way to get gigs, but there are 50 ways. Lou basically walks us through 5 or 6 of them in this episode.

We decided to chat with him about getting booked as a magician mostly for closeup magicians in the beginning stages. The more advice that we try to get that’s applicable to us, the better chance we’re going to be able to apply what we learn, and actually test it out.

As Lou explains it by the end of the podcast, the only thing that we really need to do is take action. There are enough steps and tips in this episode that as long as you take action you will see rewards.

Just do it!

We chat about the benefits and pitfalls of cold calling, cold emailing and snail mail. Sending a standard newsletter in the mail. Since no performers are using regular mail, you’ll have the upper hand.

He tells us exactly how he gets restaurants gigs. Since some gigs could last years and years, its worth playing the numbers game and reaching out to dozens of restaurants to find the best one.

You can tell by the way Lou speaks and the volume of content that he shares that he knows his stuff.

As a matter of fact he has a website called , Enter the coupon code: “discourse” you can get 20% of his product. If you’re a magician looking to get better at the business and marketing of magic, this is a product for you!

If you’re interested but you aren’t 100% sure about his Six Figure Magic. I urge you to google it, and read some reviews. It seems like everyone has only amazing things to say about the program, and it you’re looking to invest in yourself. This is the way to do it!


Website (lou Serrano),,




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