In our second episode and first interview Steven Brundage tells us all about how he got where he is through busking and then ultimately going viral


In this episode we refer to 4 of Steve’s videos

The Cop Video which started it all. After recording the podcast it was crazy to realize that at this point he had already recorded everything for Murphy’s and chance just struck.

Of course Steve’s Second kick at virality happens on his Penn and Teller Fool us Spot:

Feel free to check out two of his other amazing television appearances that we spoke about on the show: Good Morning America Video and The Steve Harvey Show

You can check out these and any of his other videos on his Youtube Channel


If you are interested, feel free to check out Nicholas Einhorns book, which for Brundage was the book that started it all

Of course if you are interested in learning to cube, or learning some of cube magic, check out his product Cube3

Check out the Instagram post we made for the episode. Don’t be afraid to follow it for more updates!

For our 30 episode recap throwback to episode 2 with @brundagemagic where he had “secretly” recorded his #agt appearance. Between viral videos, Steve Harvey, fool us, cube3, and AGT is there anything he can’t do? Make sure to follow him on snapchat @brundagemagic #episode2 #stevenbrundage #throwback #discourseinmagic #magician #magicpodcast #magicthrowback

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Check our his Website, and Twitter for more info


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