In this episode Eric Leclerc gives us a an inside scoop on how he builds his character and how we can do the same!Eric gives us his strategy for finding and developing character. His shows are incredibly fast paced and clever, we got a small taste of what they are like in this episode!

Early in the episode he spoke about a commercial he recorded in Tel Aviv, since recording the episode the commercial has been released and has gone somewhat viral  Check out the video:

Piff the magic dragon- This guy made it to Penn and Teller Fool us, and to Americas got Talent in the same year. He is a great example of committing to a character. He’s an example we use many times in this episode and podcast!

At one point in the episode Jonah mentions a video that he likes of  Eric with Tobin doing sponge balls  This was a video that we were particularly impressed with since he was performing with a child for an audience of adults. Take a look!

Here is Eric’s awesome Murphys at the Table Lecture:  If you like what he does check it out!

Eric is on loads of TV shows, you can expect to see him on shows like Brain Games

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To celebrate our 30 days of magic podcast review we land on the wonderful episode 3 with Eric Leclerec @magic4yourbrain where he chats all about character and personality. Great episode!! #magicthrowback check him out on #tricked #magicpodcast #magician #throwback #episode3

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