In this episode we had the pleasure of interviewing our friend Suzanne. We met Suzanne at Sorcerers Safari (RIP) last summer!  Suzanne is an expert restaurant magician. To be a great restaurant magician you have to be good at more than just magic. You need to be able to work well with people. Be a part of team. And make sure your spectators are both seen and heard.

Suzanne taught us a thing or two about compassion. Let’s start with when you’re actually getting the restaurant gig.

She teaches us not to promise that we’re going to bring in people. But to let our actions speak for themselves! It’s important to find a venue that truly understands the value of regular magic.

Whether that’s because they’ve worked with a performer before, or because you can convince them the value. It’s important that you both know why you’re there.

For us as magicians it’s important that we remember we’re not there to show off our own ability. We need to be a valuable part of the team, and we need to be a chameleon when it comes to helping the restaurant in the waitstaff

If that means we have to run to table 6 to perform for 10 minutes to stall the drink order coming out, then that is what we have to do to be most valuable.

Maybe it means we have to stand by the front and performance for the guests who are waiting for their reservation and getting antsy.

Magic is such a fascinating and valuable tool in a restaurant. Treat it like one!

We are there to make sure the guests have a great time and return. But we’re also there to help the restaurant bring people in,  order food and drinks, and turn over the tables.

Then Suzanne teaches us how to work with the audience. Suzanne’s style is with caring. Just like before, performing is not all about us.

We need to be able to feel the vibes of the table. Anything from the table who’s there to party, to the one there to grab a bite to eat after their mother’s funeral.

It is our job to make sure that the customers are seen and heard. Sometimes that means hearing them say that they do not want to see us perform.

But sometimes, it means they should have the starring role in your magic.

The dining experience is all about being served: You’re served food made specifically for you. From a waiter that was designated to serve you. Then the magician comes over to your table and explains how he’s the most magical person in the world???????????

Something doesn’t fit!!!!!

How about this:

The magician comes to your table and shows you why YOU are the most magical person the world, or this is the most magical evening in the world! Anything but being all about the magician!!

As Suzanne puts it, it’s all about caring. Actually listening to others.  Hearing them. Actually paying attention to what they say. And responding accordingly

I thought this was a fantastic episode.It was full of love and full of compassion. The way to Magic should be!






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