In this episode we sit down with Marc Kerstein. If you haven’t used, or been fooled by one of Marcs magic apps, you’ve missed out.

Marc is THE iphone magic app guy, and has been brought on to consult on multiple TV series including David Blaine’s most recent special.

This is what I’m talking about:

How did the effect work?

Marc did it.


So now it’s time to tune into the episode.


How do you make a magic app?

I don’t know.

But we asked Marc in the episode, and he walked us through what his creative process is like, which was pretty helpful.

I mean, I didn’t expect to know after he told me. You need to know how to code, which I do not.

Marc does it by drawing inspiration from the worlds of magic and the worlds of technology. It’s sort of obvious when you think about it, but it’s important. It’s important that he stands out because he’s combining his interests.

The things that are going to make our magic different are the same things that make us different. If you have an interest in VR, try to pair that with magic. Maybe you have an interest in theatre, pair that with magic. If you love charities, pair that with magic.

Using magic + your talent or magic + your interest is a great basis for uniqueness and originality.

One of the most exciting aspects of the episode is we touch on some of the difficulties of technology magic.

There are some apps that are basically card tricks in the app, which is backwards. There are some apps, where it’s obvious that technology is behind the work.

Just because you’re using technology doesn’t mean you abandon all of the important psychology that usually goes into magic tricks.

For example everyone thinks every single app magic trick is done with voice recognition.

As an app creator you have to make sure people don’t thing that it’s voice recognition. Even when it isn’t voice recognition.

There’s so much that goes into making these apps. It takes the ideas, the creation, the design, the coding and the scaling to hundreds of users.  All of which Marc does on his own.

1000 True Fans

I mentioned a concept in the article that I think is supper important for magicians, artists or entrepreneurs.

It’s written by a man named Kevin Kelly. It’s very short read (3 min) that will change the wya you think about being an artist.

1000 True Fans

Where Can I Find Marc’s apps

If you do magic, enjoy mentalism, and own an Iphone WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW OWNING ANY OF MARCS APPS!

Click here and start exploring

You’re welcome




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