In this Episode we sat down with Aaron Fisher and Adam Grace from Conjurer Community to talk all about the student teacher relationship in magic and the blurry lines between them.

You’ve heard it before but once again we shoutout the relationship between us and Aaron Fisher which stemmed from Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp. Aaron also explains that the Playground of Sorcerers Safari gave him some ideas of the community aspect of Conjurer Community.

We reference some important things that this awesome duo is a part of, starting with Aaron’s book The Paper Engine which is an incredible book on some of the finer details of card magic and theatre, which includes some amazing effects. It was an incredible book in Tyler’s development through magic, and we totally recommend it if you’re a card magic guy, or even just a magic guy.

We got to dive into their introduction story, which starts from another great community The Society of American Magicians, which is the thing that brought these two minds together. A telling story of their introduction helps us shine a light on why these two work so well together.

Since these guys have been magic teachers and mentors for some time now we spoke to the about how to be a good magic buddy. One of the top pieces of advice from them is to focus on putting yourself in the right space, and focus on being a good friend.

Instead of trying to force a relationship with people Aaron and Adam recommend finding a community to get involved in and let the magic friendships follow naturally from that.

If you are interested in seeing what Aaron and Adam are doing over at Conjurer Community, please check it out.


Feel free to check out either of their respective websites or on social media.

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