Jason Ladanye is a world-class sleight of hand magician and card cheating expert, known for his latest book “Confident Deceptions”, his studies with Darwin Ortiz and knowledge in the major topics of theory, practise, scripting and tension made him a great addition to the podcast.

Jason first started magic when he was 5 through his brother showing him a simple magic trick and his parents giving him magic books from the library they lived above. He then watched the David Copperfield special and was instantly hooked, so he bought as much magic stuff as he could.

What attracted him to the cards were how many tricks you could perform with one pack, and there not being any evidence when asked how you did it. After saving up money from performing at parties, Jason bought his first Darwin Ortiz VHS, and asked if he could be a mentor to him after a surprise phone call.

This, among other things made it clear that card magic was for him. Jason learned about breaking tricks down, learning them as in-depth as possible and how to trust your mentor. From here, Jason went into his own magic theory all about the importance of character, premise, effect and – most importantly – progression.

Scripting was also a big deal, as it helps him keep consistent with each show (which he’s still developing to this day).
Ortiz is a huge inspiration to the DIM boys, as both of his most popular books “Strong Magic” and “Designing Miracles” are in their Theory Resource Guide. A huge lesson that Ortiz taught Jason was figuring out “why” exactly a trick works and is performed that way. He then talks about the benefits of tension vs surprise, and how to
keep the audience in the palm of your hand for as long as possible.

One of the tricks in his latest book shows how to do this in 60 seconds!

What was the biggest things you took from mentoring with Ortiz?
“He taught me that character, premise, effect and progression are the most important
things in any performance”

What do you want to ask the audience?
Who are you and is it consistent to the work you’re doing?

What do you want to tell the audience?
Watch your online criticisms of another people’s work, unless you can helpfully show a
better version of it

What was your favourite part of the podcast?
Jonah liked applying Hitchcock’s tension theory to your magic.

Tyler liked putting in an obstacle to extend the final suspense of a trick.

Jason says it’s all about premise and effecting character

Who should we have next on the podcast?
Darwin Ortiz and Michael Vincent


Website and Book: cardmagicbyjason.com

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