It’s time for another catch-up interview with Jonah and Tyler. The episode starts with a quick recap of the last month. Tyler has made a terrible mistake and gotten a Muggle job. He works at at vape store, which is apropos since he uses an e-cig himself. He got the job by doing some magic for the company and they were so impressed they gave him a job. Jonah thinks that’s a good lesson for everyone proficient in magic. It’s always a good way to impress the normals.

Tyler has been performing some magic lately though. He was part of the recent Newest Trick in the Book that featured Jonah as well. He had been asked to work on a trick a few weeks ahead of time but didn’t end up doing that. Tyler was panicking right up to the night of the show. When he arrived all the other performers said they hadn’t prepared very well either. That made Tyler relax a lot more.

Jonah, meanwhile, worked a dentist convention with Chris Westfall. It was a cool place to do magic. He also attended this years Browser Bash which was a great time as always. He loves how there was nearly 400 magicians there this year. Jonah has also been reading a lot lately and has been working on a new close-up trick. It’s a coin trick. He’s using Garrett Thomas’ Imagination Coins and loves the possibilities they provide.

This episode is the first since the notorious fake Teller episode the boys release on April Fools Day. Like most pranks it backfired spectacular. Jonah received ridiculous amount of hate mail because of it. So many listeners were so happy when that episode was posted, only to be utterly shattered by disappointment. Sorry! (Not sorry.)

Since the Denis Behr episode was posted he was recognized for his remarkable Conjuring Archive. He archive is a searchable collection of classic magic books. He was given an award by The Magic Castle for that achievement. We didn’t talk nearly enough about it in the episode but we still want to give another shout out.

Jonah and Tyler were recently asked a question on Instagram that they found really interesting. The person asked what contributions magic has made to the wider society. Tyler thinks the question is more about non-practical things like most artistic endeavors. He thinks that magic can inspire people to achieve more practical things. That said you shouldn’t worry about it’s economic value. Jonah agrees with that. He thinks it’s unfair to compare it to more practical pursuits like science. Magic has whatever value you want to assign to it.

Jonah is still considering making a book out of the lessons learned from this podcast. Before he does that he needs to know if anyone would actually want such a book. Email or Instagram us if you think a Discourse in Magic book is a good idea.

We are still looking for others to contribute to the podcast website. If you want to write a blog or an essay for us drop us a line!

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