This week Jonah shares with you three tips on how to transform your five figure magic hustle into a six figure magic career.

Twelve months ago, Jonah launched the Discourse in Magic six figure mastermind. Jonah launched the mastermind to help people grow their magic business from five to six figures. Now, he’s watching student after student hit the six figure mark. So in this short episode, he’s going to share with you the three biggest keys, the three biggest ideas and shifts of mindset that go from being a five figure magician to a six-figure magician

Tip 1: Generate Leads 

When you are starting to perform, the idea is, “where can I get a gig”? But once you get a handful of gigs, you start to realize that looking for gigs is only so good.

What you really want to do is you want to look for leads. You want to look for where people might be inquiring with you. How do you do that? Well, instead of focusing on short term things like, messaging people or calling a friend, you start focusing on long-term things like SEO, referrals, running ads, email outreach, and hiring people to go and find leads for you. It’s a shift of mindset from saying, where do I find a gig to saying, how do I ensure that there are leads constantly going into my system. A shift from gig flow to lead flow. 

Tip 2: Focus Your Sales

When you’re getting into magic, you don’t want to say a price that’s so high that somebody says no. As a matter of fact, you want your price to be just low enough that they absolutely say yes.

You want to perform? You need the photos, you need the testimonials, you need the videos, but to get from five figures to six figures, you can’t just charge the least amount you possibly can. You actually have to do the math and figure out how much you need to charge to actually make things work. You go from auditioning for your clients to them auditioning for you. You are the prize and they are hoping to get it.

Tip 3: Systemization

All this stuff feels like it takes 30 full-time jobs, but it doesn’t, it takes organization. It takes systematization. And it takes hiring talented people. A five figure magician can do every last bit of this alone. They can answer every email, send every inquiry, make all the graphics, make every video. You can do it alone, but a six-figure magician realizes that you don’t need to do every single last bit. You can hire people that are good at things and you can get software that makes things really easy for you. Now you can focus on what’s most important to you, performing. 

You can go from scrambling to manage absolutely everything yourself to learning things like automation, systematization, and of course hiring and having a team of people so that you can rely on. This will help you take time off and focus on the things that you’re awesome at, which is performing magic. 

Reach Out For More Help

If you want a little bit more help going from five to six figures in your magic business in 2022, then send Jonah an e-mail with the word “Scale” to and Jonah will send you all the info about working together in 2022. If you’re already doing five figures and you want to be doing six, send Jonah a message with the word “Scale”.

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