Jonah is joined by Siegfried & Joy. This duo from Germany has been taking the world by storm with their silly and engaging TikTok videos, an hilarious performance on America’s Got Talent, and sold out shows wherever they go. They’ll reveal to Jonah all of their secrets, except where they get their fabulous outfits!

More Than A Parody

When you first see Siegfried & Joy appear on stage you may begin to think that they are a parody of magic but if you were to listen to them you’d realize that while they are certainly having a lot of fun with the imagery of what classic magic has looked like in the past they are earnest about their love of the artform and take their presentation with the crowd very seriously.

Siegfried & Joy share with Jonah their philosophy behind their performance. They don’t practice, they don’t script, and they never rehearse. To them the real work begins and ends with the interaction with the crowd. It is in the crowd that they find their performance and perfect their act. 

Not Afraid To Fail

No scripts means high risk but Siegfried & Joy are quick to admit that they aren’t afraid to fail, even when they fail live on stage in front of an audience or mistakenly flash their work on a TikTok video. In fact, to hear it from them it sounds like they fail all the time on stage and where other performers would go backstage and burst into tears they, instead, embrace the messy side of live acts and allow their audience a brief glimpse behind the curtain as they work to recover the show.  

More Than A Success

Two Siegfried & Joy shows are never the same, they are constantly re-working their routine in front of the audience and often involve the crowd in their performances. They share with Jonah their secret to building up such a chaotic style of performance into a show that is now regularly sold out in Berlin. They’ll also share why they decided not to continue into the next round of America’s Got Talent and what they loved and hated about their visit to Las Vegas. 


Endless Chain

Tobias Dostal 

What do you like about modern magic? What do you not like?

“We hate online shows, we watched a few but we don’t think this is how artists should share this art. “

“We love that the zeitgeist is on board with classical magic. This is the best time for magic. This is the moment to go out, inspire people, and make them happy.”

Take home point

There is one name you should remember: Siegfried & Joy 


Just google Siegfried & Joy. “And if you don’t find us then the algorithm will find you!”

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