This week Jonah breaks down all the basics you need to know about running ads on Facebook. These are the first things Jonah works with when consulting with other magicians to help them set up their Facebook ads. 

Through the Toronto Magic Company, Jonah has sold out shows for years using Facebook ads and recently successfully sold two-hundred tickets to using Facebook ads. In this episode Jonah will walk you through exactly how to use Facebook ads for your next show. 

The Almighty Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is a tiny piece of code that you put on all of the pages of the websites that you are using your Facebook ad to send people to. That code allows Facebook to understand what people are visiting your webpage. And later it will help you define rules for specific groups and demographics as you gather who is visiting your pages.

In the future, if you want to up rules so that your ads target only the people who visited a specific page on your site but not other people who visited a different page the only way to do that is by using the Facebook pixel now before you start running traffic through the page.

If you try to run ads on Facebook without the pixel it’s not going to be very good. And that’s because Facebook needs to be able to talk and listen to your site. It needs to know what people are going to your site and end up buying something, like a ticket for your next show, and what people are not. The Facebook pixel will help ensure that your ads actually work. 

The Basics of Targeting 

Jonah helps to break down what internal targeting is and the kinds of groups you can target with Facebook ads. As an example, was sold using pixeling and targeting only people that had been to the website, watched the video, or engaged with their social media page. 


External targeting is much harder because you know the people who liked your page already but now you want to reach a new audience who has never visited your page before. External targeting takes more creativity and brainstorming to think of who might be interested in being introduced to your product.

The Power of Testing

The secret to Facebook ads is testing. Seeing what works and what doesn’t work. Once you define who you want to target you’ll need to go into your data and see what actually worked and what didn’t. After looking at the data stop doing ads for the targets that didn’t generate results and start doing more ads for the rules that worked. 


Every aspect of your ad should be tested. The more you test the better it will work. Turn off the aspects that don’t work. Try at least three to five different images in the ads, see which ones engage with your targets and which ones don’t and lose the images that don’t perform. Same thing with text, try five different versions of the text and see which ones people engage with which ones people don’t and lose the ones that they don’t engage with. By testing, what ends up happening over time is you keep the things that work and you throw out the things that don’t and eventually the ad that you’re using over and over again is the best worded and best presented ad and best targeted ad that you can muster. 

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