This week Jonah connects with movie writer & director Kate Tsang to talk about her latest movie, Marvelous and the Black Hole.

Marvelous and the Black Hole features stars such as Rhea Pearlman and is a story about a teenager who teams up with a magician and navigates her inner demons and her dysfunctional family by learning about sleight of hand magic. 

The Magic of Stories

Kate Tsang doesn’t have a background in magic, for her the magic in her life was the stories told to her while growing up. What she wanted to do was take the experience she had with the wonder of storytelling and use sleight of hand magic to tell that story. To do that she signed up for lessons at the Magic Castle and what started as a research project soon expanded as she found mentors and friends within the magic community. 

Authentic Movie Magic

Knowing she wanted to do magic right on the camera for the movie watching audience, Kate reached out to her newfound magic community and brought Kayla Drescher on board as the film’s magic consultant. Kayla taught the cast what they needed to do and remained on set behind the camera to make sure everything was performed as it should. The result is a marvelous movie that doesn’t just use magic to tell its story but also presents magic in an authentic way. 

Watch Online

Marvelous and the Black Hole will be available for On Demand & Digital starting Friday April 29th and you can pre-order your copy today on AppleTV by visiting


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