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Becoming a Magic Consultant with Blake Vogt

Jonah connects with magic consultant Blake Vogt. Together they walk through how to be creative, how to work with a team, and Blake shares some incredible stories from his time as a magic consultant.

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Making Movie Magic with Kate Tsang

Jonah connects with movie writer & director Kate Tsang to talk about her latest movie, Marvelous and the Black Hole

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Finding The Magic Formula with Ben Seidman

Jonah is joined by Ben Seidman to talk about working as a consultant on Mindfreak, appearing on Fool Us, and learning how to throw out everything you’ve heard when designing your own show.

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Show Business and Magic Consulting with Johnny Thompson

We’ve invited magic legend Johnny Thompson otherwise known as The Great Tomsoni onto the show today. Together with his wife Pamela Hayes Johnny has been performing for packed houses in Las Vegas for decades.

Johnny saw a movie about a Mississippi river boat gambler when he was a kid and he decided he wanted to become a card sharp. He bought The Expert at the Card Table at a Chicago bookstore for 35 cents. He spent the next four years trying to learn everything between those covers. Johnny eventually realized that there wasn’t a lot of places for a 12 year old card cheat to work so he decided to switch to magic.

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