Xavior Spade is making waves as one of the highest profile YouTube magicians.  He is using live streaming to connect with an every-growing audience.  Xavior found magic as a young person while growing up in Jamaica, Queens in New York City.  But it was magic that helped him to escape the ghetto.  It was incredible eye-opening experience to be treated as an equal in the magic community.  Eventually, Xavior gravitated to new platforms like Twitch and Discord as a gamer.  Some magic discussions took place on those video streaming services and eventually ended up on YouTube.

Xavior thinks that just being yourself on YouTube is the best way to gain a following. He makes sure that his channel is not just for tutorials.  He likes to add vlogs and interviews to make the content more diverse.  He thinks that it’s often hard to not feel stupid while recording himself alone.  But to do this you have to get used to being on camera.

The hardest part about being in front of the camera is realizing there’s no judgement.  But you don’t have to put on a grand persona on camera.  In fact, if you do that you are going to come off fake.  Editing is your best friend.  The flow of the video is as important as the flow of a show.  The music, lighting and editing all create the effect.  So he always starts by finding the right piece of music and editing to that.  It’s all about creating the right tempo.

Magic has the potential to change people’s lives.  Xavior was profoundly moved recently when a fan of his YouTube channel was helped during a rough patch in his life.  That fan drove seven hours to one of Xavior’s lectures to personally thank him for helping him to turn his life around.  You have to care about what you share and that in turn will do incredible things.

Xavior thinks the anti-technology bias in the magic community is ridiculous.  But people who think that you aren’t a real magician unless you perform for a live audience are dead wrong in his opinion.  Technology has always been a part of magic and the old guard who refuse to acknowledge that are living in the past.  Some magic deserves to die, Xavior says.

Xavior has a lot of success with his business Lost Art Magic.  That said, he thinks the magic industry is, for the most part, a road to nowhere.  There are many people that are trying to start their own magic company but it’s a dangerous idea.  Creating a business is predicated on profit and that demands a certain kind of exploitation.  You have to create a different kind of brand.  It’s not just about chasing sales.  Most people simply don’t understand how important it is to create a great brand.  Strong beliefs and strong ideas are far more important that a great business plan.

What was your favourite part of the episode?

Jonah loved the discussion about the state of magic online, especially on platforms like YouTube.

Tyler liked that this was the first time that we got some tangible YouTube advice – especially Xavior’s admission that it’s hard to get comfortable on camera.

Xavior is very passionate about the topic of online magic and loves the opportunity to talk about it.

Who should we have on the show?

Allen Okawa

Xavior’s Challenge.

Xavior says that if this episode gets over 3000 downloads he will make everything on Lost Art Magic free for one day.

What do you want to ask the audience?

Why do you love magic?




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